The End? Or Is it? 2016 Publishing Schedule

In October, I made an ambitious production schedule for 2016. The schedule includes the first book in a new paranormal suspense series, two short stories to be included in Holidays with Jane collections, a Southern Fraud short story, and–of course–Sunset Clause. After the completion of the Southern Fraud series, I planned to write Tripp Carver’s […]

Warning: Blog Redesign in Progress

My apologies for the confusion on my blog. I’m busy trying to find a format that reaches readers, including bonus content book club discussion ideas free short stories [Insert your idea here. Seriously, give me your ideas in the comments below!]   When the dust settles, let me know what you think.

Julia and Vincent on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries?

So I saw this post come through my Facebook feed, and I just had to mention it on my blog. I am a huge TV geek, and though books originally inspired me to become a writer, TV crime dramedies have had a heavy influence on the Southern Fraud Thriller Series. In fact, I think of […]