A Bit of Downtime

While Moral Hazard is at the story editor, I have a bit of downtime. But just a bit. There’s always something to do, like create the cover, write the back cover copy, and, oh, start another project.

After weeks of irregular barn visits, I have gotten to ride Darcy twice so far this week. It’s been glorious. There’s something wonderful about being totally focused on her. It helps clear my mind.

Against-His-Will-4I just finished reading an ARC of Against His Will by my friend and Indie Jane-ite Nancy Kelley. The ebook is now available on Amazon and BN. Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

I also started watching the first season of Person of Interest. I really enjoy it so far, but what’s with all the gunshots to the legs of armed threats? I get that Reese’s not interested in killing all these people, but it’s getting a little difficult to believe that these wounds prevent all the bad guys from firing their own weapons back at him. It’s like Alias: everyone got knocked on the back of the head while walking down a dark hallway. Did none of these people learn to check behind them? Or the Walking Dead: close a door behind you, people! But I digress….

I hope you’re getting a little downtime too. What have you been up to?

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