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An Addendum to Yesterday’s Rant

Are book publishers going the way
of the wagon wheel maker? Depends
on what they do next.
After yesterday’s overly dramatic rant, I hasten to add that I am not opposed to traditional publishers, and my ultimate goal is to publish both independently and traditionally. This seems to be the way to have the best of both: distribution and a living wage.

While traditional publishing may be a part of my overall game plan, that doesn’t mean I don’t find it amazing, bizarre, and generally ridiculous to watch as they try to hang on to a business model that is so obviously going the way of the wagon wheel maker. Transportation didn’t die out; it just changed. And those in the wagon wheel making industry had to change too. Same with the publishing world. Books aren’t dying out; they are just changing. I hope to do business with publishers who understand this, while maintaining my own indie books as well.

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