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Best Halloween Books, Movies, and TV

Before we get started, I should let you all know that I don’t generally love the horror genre. I don’t see many traditional horror movies (Jason, Freddy, etc.) or read Stephen King, so don’t expect to see much of that here. I like my Halloween entertainment to include suspense, humor, and just a little horror.

BooksTrick or Sweet


  • Date Movie: A parody of every movie genre ever, including the Scream franchise.
  • Dead Again: Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson do suspense. And the score is fantastic. Need I say more? Oh, it’s on Amazon Prime at the moment.
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: More Kenneth Branagh. This movie is true to the original.

TV Shows

Back in the day, I wasn’t into the fantasy genre at all. Well, those days are over. These three TV shows are now in my Top 10 Favorite TV Shows, and they are all fantasy with a hint or horror.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Granted, this show has a lot of brooding teenagers and a really broody vampire, but there’s also Spike. #TeamSpike!
  • Supernatural: Travel through a world of monsters, mythology, and totally bastardized biblical stories with Sam and Dean. #TeamFreeWill!
  • The Walking Dead: #TeamCarol! Carol is my favorite character ever! I need to do a character study post on her. I love her, but little Daryl never hurts. Also, never root for the horses. It never ends well for them.


TV Episodes

While these shows aren’t exactly in the fantasy or horror genres, they have some fun Halloween-themed episodes.


South Park:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Halloween
  • Fear, Itself“: Theme-wise, this is my favorite Halloween episode ever. It says a lot about the nature of fear and how to overcome it.
  • Etc.

The Office: The employees of Dunder Mifflin dress up every year. Watch them for the costumes.

  • “Halloween”: Season 2, episode 5
  • “Employee Transfer”: Season 5, episode 6
  • Season 6, episode 8
  • “Costume Contest”: Season 7, episode 6
  • “Spooked”: Season 8, episode 5
  • “Here Comes Treble”: Season 9

The Big Bang Theory

  • “The Middle Earth Paradigm”: Sheldon dresses as the Doppler Effect. Nuff said.
  • “The Good Guy Fluctuation”: “Bazinga, punk. Now we’re even.”

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