Col. Fitzwilliam and Maria Lucas?

Sketch by Emily C. A. Snyder:

Nope, I didn’t write their story, but Emily C. A. Snyderdid! And look! She also draws. I cannot draw, so I just steal pretty things and give artists credit.

I am honored to find that Emily has dedicated this sketch to me. Thank you, Emily. I’m truly touched, and I also look forward to reading Presumption when it comes out in 2012. You have a standing invitation to share it here at Skidding in Sideways when it’s released.

Now, hurry and finish it!

And head over to Indie Jane to read about another Col. Fitzwilliam novel by Kaydee Kildow, which is also forthcoming!

10 thoughts on “Col. Fitzwilliam and Maria Lucas?

  1. Jennifer –

    How delightful! I’m glad you like it – and I certainly WILL get to completing it, madame. I’m sure the Colonel and Maria thank you, too, for getting them out of editing limbo, which I hear is a dreadful dull place for a character to be stuck.

  2. Yes, ’tis purgatory for unfortunate characters everywhere! Can’t wait to read the whole story. Also sent you an email.

  3. I’m looking forward to all three Dueling Fitzwilliam books. I love the character, and to read three very different, yet equally well done treatments of him (okay, to read two and write one) is a treat! I particularly like the pairing in Emily’s book, as it’s one I haven’t seen before and Maria is another character who doesn’t get much use.

    1. I fully admit that I was taken with the actress in the 1995 P&P, who has since had much success in British film and television. There was something rounded about how she played the character, even if the character is not herself rounded in the book! I wondered, too, about that mysterious half-hour…!

  4. I really liked both these minor characters in Pride and Prejudice! This book sounds awesome but it’s really annoying that I’ve found out about it now. I have to wait patiently until it’s published! Arghhhh!!!! =) There aren’t any other novels with those two in it are there?

    1. Jess –

      There is a novella with Maria Lucas in it, available and published by our lovely hostess herself! As for Presumption, I’m afraid I’m still working on it. BUT since I respond *very* well to people wanting something from me, I will endeavour to make this little wait of much worth!

      1. Technically, “Maria Lucas” is a short story, not a novella. It’s only 5,000 words.

        In any case, I’m looking forward to full length novels from all three of the Fitz writers!

  5. When can we expect this book to be published? It’s already almost halfway through 2012. So is the release date going to be mid 2012 or late 2012? I’m dying to read this book! =)

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