Friday Freefrall, April 11, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is composed of random topics. I like being free to write whatever strikes my fancy, but in the past, I’ve tried to create some regular series. I’ve started features like Fraud Friday and Photo Friday, and I contemplated making a Friday Five post today. But then, I decided I’d never keep it up. I’m just too random.

So I hereby institute Friday Freefrall.

“What is Friday Freefrall?” you ask. Well, “freefrall” is a corruption of the phrase “free for all.” I’m not naming names, but one of my friends used to think this was what people were saying. I’m going to post whatever strikes my fancy. Maybe photos, fraud stories, book updates, a Friday five, who knows.

Today, it’s a Friday Five, five things that crossed my mind this week.

  1. Probably the biggest news story in the tech world this week is the Heartbleed Bug. Here’s a list of major sites that tells whether or not the bug affected them,  if they have a patch, and if you should update your passwords.
  2. I completed the first draft of Mary Bennet this week, and now I’m rewriting.
  3. Thanks to pollen season, I’ve had to cut down on my barn time. Instead, I’ve been forced to settle with virtual horse time. I enjoyed this series by Stacy Westfall detailing the first year of a horse’s training.
  4. My DH and I have been rewatching The Office. I really love that show.
  5. And now for your moment of Zen: Here are two pictures of Darcy dressed in an Easter bunny costume by Cherie Steele.

Angry BunnyDarcy Bunny

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