Friday Freefrall: May 9, 2014

5 Things I’m Happy about Today

  1. Mary Bennet will be heading to the editor next week. This is a novella-length work, approximately 30,000 words. I’ve had this project on the to-do list for years, and I’m thrilled that is almost ready for publication.
  2. Next week, I get to start planning Shock Loss (SF 5). That means research and general outlining. I can’t wait to start the next chapter in Julia’s life.
  3. I’ve been watching Breaking Bad with my husband. We’re on the final season. Holey moley. Great show. I am dying to know how they will wrap it up. What will become of Walter and Jesse? Don’t tell me! I want to see how it plays out. But the end of season 4. Dang. Very dark and yet so, so awesome. The scene in the nursing home between Gus and Salamanca (affectionately known as Ding Ding in our house) was perfect.
  4. On Sunday, I attended a first-grade class picnic at the barn where I board. I had a great time watching kids be kids and helping with the horses.

    First-grader doing a riding demonstration for her class.
    First-grader doing a riding demonstration for her class.
  5. I had a wonderful ride on Darcy today. I’ve been working on overcoming my riding fear, and recently, I’ve been making great strides at the canter, if you’ll forgive the pun. In the past, I would canter a few strides before my brain would shut down. The power and speed took time to get used to. I’m learning that the less I do, the better Darcy gets. (Irony anyone?)

What made you happy today?

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