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Grand Theft Auto: Emily Dickinson Edition

This morning, my tenth grade English teacher sent me the link to this cartoon from XKCD. (What? Doesn’t everyone stay in touch with their former teachers? She has a hilarious blog, BTW.) And I thought this was good Monday blog fodder. I needed a bit of inspirational art to get the week started right.
I’ve already discussed my philosophies on allusions and how people like be privy to inside jokes and innuendo, so I thought this little comic was a good illustration of that. I absolutely love the connection between something old and revered with something modern and thuggish. It reminds me of the Jane Austen’s Fight Club video. These clever allusions make me wonder what other disparate items could be connected and what kind of story would emerge. Must ponder that. Any ideas?
PS. I still am not digging the Jane Austen and the supernatural thing that’s happening recently. I’m willing to admit that Charlotte Collins takes advantage of an existing Jane Austen market, but adding vampires, which are the current rage, to the mix just seems like it crosses some line for me. It seems like less of a witty connection and more of an attempt to take advantage of a flash-in-the-pan trend.

2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto: Emily Dickinson Edition

  1. I'm with you. I can't stand the Jane Austen supernatural thing. But I am very interested in reading your book. I need to go add it to my Goodreads list now.

  2. I hate the Vampire Rage — it's been turned into romantic? Hello? Actually, I don't like any of it. Ever. Vampires. Wolf men. Lindsay Lohan. Lady Gaga. Zombies. Snakes.


    Anyway, I love the juxtaposition too, Jennifer.

    One good reason to be well read is to get clever comic strips and cartoons. Just sayin.

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