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Moving the Door Pt. 2

So remember that post about moving the door?

I puzzled and puzzled 'till my puzzler was sore. --para. Dr.Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Well, it looks like I did it again. I finished my entire rewrite of Death Benefits in which I basically turned the entire plot upside down, and while I was taking a break from polishing the second half of the manuscript, I thought of a better and easier way of arranging the events in my novel. (Sorry. I have to be vague. This is a mystery, and I don’t want to give away whodunnit.)

When did I realize it? 3AM. So what do I do? I turn on the light and reoutline the whole novel. And if that doesn’t make me officially insane, then this will: I’ve stopped my readers from reading my previously polished chapters and started another rewrite.

I was pleased with my first rewrite, but I’m thrilled with the way this one is working out! I want to make Death Benefits the best book I can, and if that means rewriting it, twenty-seven times, I will. (Hopefully, it won’t take twenty-seven!)

3 thoughts on “Moving the Door Pt. 2

  1. Why does it always happen at 3 am?

    I was laying in bed, totally wiped out, and all of a sudden an entire scene from Maddie’s dragon novel just FELL into my head and it all made sense…so I had to get up and write the whole thing out. So wrong.

    Can’t wait to read DB!

  2. Good for you to keep rewriting until it’s what you want. I sent my last manuscript into my publisher labeled as – The Sister Pact – Revision #27. They laughed. I didn’t tell them it was true!

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