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Omega and Alpha: Ending the Beginning and found on Darrell Pursiful's FB page

Today ends the beginning of my publishing career.

For the past twelve years (It’s twelve, not thirteen. I finally looked it up.), I have worked a small press in Georgia as an editorial flunky. When I decided to accept the challenge to self-publish Charlotte Collins in September 2010, I never expected it to lead to a complete career change, but it did.

I am now earning enough money on my self-published books–Charlotte Collins, Absolute Liability, and Caroline Bingley–to quit my day job, and today is my last day.

I am thankful for what I learned at Smyth & Helwys and for the wonderful people I met there. What I learned at dear old S&H has served me well in my new career. I loved working on the Uniform series, but I feel very lucky to be able to write for a living and am ready to take that risk.

To go with that momentous change, I found out last weekend that my horse’s boarding facility is closing at the end of the month. That may not sound like a big deal, but in the midst of my work transition, launching Caroline Bingley, and finishing the first draft of Death Benefits, I had to find a suitable home for a 1,000-pound flight animal. That ain’t easy.

But at the end of the month, Darcy (my horse) will be moving to a lovely new barn, and she’ll be seven miles closer to me!

So big changes all around, but I’m excited about the future and thankful for being able to live my dreams, both literary and equestrian.

Here’s to ending the beginning, and beginning again!

18 thoughts on “Omega and Alpha: Ending the Beginning

  1. Congrats on your ending and beginning! I am sure it is still a little scary. Oh, and how wonderful that Darcy will be closer! I hope you like this barn just as much if not better than the last one! Hopefully, you can get some more riding in!

    1. I’m looking forward to having a more normal schedule…once I get Death Benefits done. And I’m even more excited about Darcy’s new barn. I found miles of dirt roads we can ride, which is exactly what I wanted. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, J and R! I sent in my last piece of work a few minutes ago, and it was surreal. I’m really done.


    I think I’m in shock.

    I’m a full-time writer.

    Holy cow.

    I AM A FULL-TIME WRITER!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  3. Congratulations on a wonderful stint at the company and on your brave decision to move forward with your writing career! I’m thrilled that you’re at a point in life–and have had the requisite success already–when you can take this step. I’m on pins and needles waiting for Death Benefits. (: Happy writing! (And great news about Darcy too!)

  4. Congratulations on 2 new beginnings, full time writer and a new barn for Darcy. Can you weave insurance fraud and horses together? Combine your two worlds!

  5. Jessica said it best in a tweet on Sunday: “The seething envy I feel for you right now is probably not healthy.” To be able to write for a living! With no other work obligations! Oh, how I long for that day…

    I am so, so happy for you. I know firsthand how hard it can be to balance the demands of a job with the demands of a writing career. I actually passed a few things off to my dad this week because I just felt overwhelmed by all that was left to be done. (Side note: Smokey Rose Press is now registered with the State of Washington.)

    As for Darcy, w00t for having your horse closer! I’m assuming that’ll make it a little easier to fit riding into your regular life?

    1. Yes, Darcy being closer will be wonderful! I cannot wait to move her. I need to post some pics of her new digs.

      Congratulations on Smokey Rose Press! That is so exciting, and I love the name! YAY! You’re one step closer to being able to make wild leaps!

  6. First of all, did a tweet of mine just get quoted? I feel all special like.

    Now, down to business.

    :::throws confetti:::

    :::happy dance:::

    :::brownies and champagne for everyone:::

    :::more confetti for good measure:::

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

    1. I painted part of our horse trailer! LOL I want Darcy to arrive at her new barn in style. I’m such a nerd.

      And I got to meet Herman Cain.

      And I might have bought a Kindle Fire. Okay, I totally did. I wanted a new toy. πŸ™‚

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