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Random News II

Here are a few articles worth a glance. Some of these amused me particularly, starting with this one:  Amazon’s New Reviewing Policies say that authors cannot review books in their genre. Obviously, it’s their company and their choice how to run their reviews, but it seems a bit silly to me to police in-genre reviews so stringently and yet allow reviewers to leave negative reviews because they accidentally ordered a book on Kindle and didn’t know how to return it or because something went wrong with the download. But I digress.

Publishers Weekly says print sales down 9 percent.

But BN and the Nook aren’t doing so well either. This one is probably the most amusing because BN news has been all over the place since the beginning of the year. First, they’re getting a big influx of cash and the company will be saved, and then, they’re closing stores. That’s proof that throwing money at something isn’t always the answer.

However, the paperback won’t die out. (Jury’s out on the Nook).

News confusing? Self-publishing more work than it’s worth? Well, you could choose this.


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