Shock LossSouthern Fraud Series

Shock Loss (Southern Fraud Thriller 5)

Shock Loss EbookShock Loss

Southern Fraud Thriller 5

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Julia Jackson just can’t get her life together.

After finally succeeding in her quest to bring her sister’s rapist to justice, all Julia’s secrets, including the evidence theft that made it all possible, came to light. She lost her job as an investigator with the Georgia Department of Insurance and her law enforcement officer certification. Worse, many of her previous arrests are now in question, and guilty fraudsters are going free.

When a string of deadly tornadoes rips across the state and someone close to Julia winds up dead, she and her former DOI partner Mark Vincent must team up with Tripp Carver and Helena St. John to solve the murder, find a crucial piece of evidence, and keep themselves alive in the process.

Meanwhile, Julia and Vincent decide to move forward with their tentative romance. But they soon find that moving on is hard, especially when someone wants them dead.

Shock Loss is the fifth book in the six-volume Southern Fraud Thriller series, which blends suspense, mystery, and Southern charm with a slow-burn romance.

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