FWAP Bromances: Dwight and Michael

Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott, The Office In case you didn’t know, a bromance is a close, non-sexual friendship between two men. Basically, it’s the equivalent of “besties” but butched up, sort of. Dwight and Michael’s bromance starts out totally one-sided. Dwight is a constant brownnoser who will do almost anything for Michael, but Michael […]

FWAP Villain Edition: The Governor

The Governor (AKA Philip Blake and Brian Heriot), The Walking Dead Spoilers through Season 4, Episode 8 Appearance (played by David Morrissey)   Family History Mrs. Blake – Wife (Deceased prior to the “turn”) Penny Blake – Daughter (Deceased, whose undead incarnation he keeps chained in a secret room in Woodbury) (Unnamed) – Brother Info […]

Fangirling with a Purpose: Daryl Dixon

Spoilers through Season 5. Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead Appearance (played by Norman Reedus) Daryl Dixon, season 1 promotional download via amctv.com Family History Merle Dixon – Brother (Deceased) Will Dixon – Father (Deceased) (Unnamed) – Mother (Deceased) Jess Collins – Half-Uncle (Deceased) The Stats (thanks to The Walking Dead Wiki) Daryl’s mother died when […]

Fangirling with a Purpose

Fangirling. Some people who have had the biggest effect on my life do not even exist. They are characters created by writers, whose lives exist entirely on the pages of books or through TV and movies. I rejoice when my beloved characters find true love, and I weep when they suffer loss. They inspire me […]

Jane Says: Mary Bennet

What Jane Austen really said about Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Take the quiz first, and read the truth here!