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How to Make a Mansfield Perk-approved Flat White

Disclaimer: I do not own a $1,000 espresso machine, and I’m not a trained barrista. I suck at using a steaming wand. (Think exploded milk everywhere.) These techniques work for me and produce a decent microfoam, which is the key to a flat white. Coffee snobs avert your eyes. I’ve been posting about the glories of […]

Emma: Worst Heroine, Best Moral

Emma is one of my least favorite of Austen’s heroines, but not for the reasons listed in this article on lithub, namely that she is handsome, clever, and rich. We still have complicated responses to women who have more, look better, and do more, and worst of all, don’t seem all that apologetic about it. […]

Holidays with Jane: Spring Fever

My contribution to this short story collection is based on Pride and Prejudice, and as usual, I focused on a minor character: Lydia Bennet. Lydia Reimagined When reformed party girl Lydia Bennet receives an invitation to her ex George Wickham’s destination wedding, she accepts with the intention of showing him exactly what he gave up when […]

Reviews of Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer

Marci at To Read or Not to Read gives Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer 4 Willies (William Shakespeares), “Really likes it.” She writes: I honestly can’t tell you what story I like the best because I like them all but for different reasons. One thing I especially liked is that certain elements appeared in each […]