Reviews of Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer

Marci at To Read or Not to Read gives Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer 4 Willies (William Shakespeares), “Really likes it.” She writes:

I honestly can’t tell you what story I like the best because I like them all but for different reasons. One thing I especially liked is that certain elements appeared in each story. It made the six individual stories seem like one collective one. This is a great book to cuddle up to this Christmas.

Candy at So Little Time gives Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer 5 out of 5 stars! She writes:

I loved Holidays with Jane! All six of Jane Austen’s books are represented in these modern retellings! I found each to be very well written; short, but complete. It is so perfect for the holiday season, when you’re busy and really don’t have time to get involved in a full novel. I could curl up on my couch and read a story without worrying about staying up too late! Six modern retellings all wrapped up in a neat little package!

Meredith at Austenesque Reviews gives Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer 5 out of 5 stars! She writes:

Six holiday-inspired tales that are warm, merry, and bright crafted by six creative and skilled story-tellers, who I can tell, admire Jane Austen and her novels as much as I do! I enjoyed discovering all the ways these stories echoed and paid tribute to Jane Austen’s six beloved novels and characters. And I absolutely loved how the stories were connected to each other with Mansfield Perk (an awesome coffee chain that I so very much want to visit in real life!!! Pretty please…can I?) and other businesses. A splendid collection that was exceptionally executed!

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