Maria Lucas Audiobook Now Available

“Maria Lucus,” the short-story sequel to Charlotte Collins, is now available as an audiobook on! Both the novel and the short story are narrated by Anne Day-Jones, who will also be reading Caroline Bingley. I’m pleased to be able to offer the novels and short stories in the Personages of Pride & Prejudice Collection […]

Charlotte Collins on Audiobook!

It’s here! Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is now available on audiobook at and is coming soon to iTunes! This is the first audiobook I’ve produced, and I was quite nervous about finding just the right person to narrate it. So I was beyond thrilled when I connected with […]

Charlotte Collins Audiobook in Production Now

I’m stoked to announce that Charlotte Collins: A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is in production now! This is another dream come true for me. I’ve always harbored a long-shot desire to see one of my books made into a TV show or movie. I even cast the actors in my mind as […]

Celebrating 200 Years of Pride and Prejudice

Although Jane Austen’s birthday has already come and gone, I wanted to share a fan letter I wrote to Jane Austen on the occasion of her 236th birthday: Dear Miss Austen, In celebration of your birthday, my gift to you would be to tell you about your legacy. (Though it is actually a gift you […]

Col. Fitzwilliam and Maria Lucas?

Nope, I didn’t write their story, but Emily C. A. Snyderdid! And look! She also draws. I cannot draw, so I just steal pretty things and give artists credit. I am honored to find that Emily has dedicated this sketch to me. Thank you, Emily. I’m truly touched, and I also look forward to reading […]