Tips and Tricks for Self-Pub Company Fails

First of all, Moral Hazard is back from the story editor, and the re-writes have begun. This is roughly the speed I’m going to attempt in order to get the book out ASAP. Plus any excuse to add a Big Bang Theory video…. Now on to the tips. One of the most frustrating aspects of […]

Kobo No Go?

One of the most difficult aspects of being an indie publisher is finding ways to ensure that readers see your books. Marketing isn’t about forcing someone to buy something; it’s about putting the option in front of them and letting them choose whether or not they are interested in exchanging their money for the product. […]

Kobo Freebies

I’m hoping to get my relationship with Kobo and its loyal readers off to a good start by offering Charlotte Collins and Death Benefits free. So if you have a Kobo reader come over and download for these ebooks free. No Kobo? Then download their free reading apps. Or if you already have an ereader […]

Let’s Go, Kobo!

Kobo’s announcement today of their new self-publishing platform called Writing Life shows us the value of real competition in the marketplace and, strangely enough, explains why I don’t think Amazon is the devil for launching its Select program. Sure, Amazon came out of the gate aggressive with its Select program in that it is the […]