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Tips and Tricks for Self-Pub Company Fails

First of all, Moral Hazard is back from the story editor, and the re-writes have begun. This is roughly the speed I’m going to attempt in order to get the book out ASAP. Plus any excuse to add a Big Bang Theory video….

Now on to the tips.

One of the most frustrating aspects of working as an indie author is dealing with iffy technology for uploading and managing books and accounts. Just this week, I’ve had to contact support for two issues in particular that really should have been explained on their websites or in their User’s Manuals. I mean, I can’t be the only person who has had these problems.

Kobo: If your epub won’t upload, you will receive the message that the file could not be uploaded. The only information on the page or User’s Manual says that the file must be below 100 MB and of a certain type. Well, those are not the only two reasons for upload failure. If your epub will not upload to Kobo and it’s smaller than 100 MB, then you most likely have an epub error. Go to an epub validtor, check it, correct the problem, and then try again.

Overdrive: I’ve been trying to log in to my account there for months. I was told to use the “forgot password” function to do this. However, each attempt yielded the following message: “The information entered is incorrect.” This is because Overdrive requires the use of Explorer. You can’t log in with another browser. (I finally got a message that says this after a month of incorrect info messages.) So if you’re having this problem, try Explorer.

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