Let’s Go, Kobo!

Kobo’s announcement today of their new self-publishing platform called Writing Life shows us the value of real competition in the marketplace and, strangely enough, explains why I don’t think Amazon is the devil for launching its Select program. Sure, Amazon came out of the gate aggressive with its Select program in that it is the […]

Death Benefits Is Back on BN

When it comes to book sales–and several other things, like calories and weight loss–I try to look at everything in terms of numbers. Numbers are not emotional; they’re not about feelings. They’re just numbers. Facts. If I normally eat a 2,000 calorie diet and switch to a 1,500 calorie diet, I will decrease my weight […]

Smashwords Responded

On Monday, I received an email response from Smashwords regarding the fact that three of my books were placed on sale at Sony even though they had been unpublished in late 2011. The email indicated that Smashwords “cannot guarantee that errors will never occur as the take-down itself is in the retailer’s hands.” This would […]

Smashwords Update

Thank you to Smashwords for removing my books from unauthorized sale sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning. I appreciate that the correction was made within 48 hours of my original request. However, I’m not fully pleased with the situation. I received no email response from either of the two people at Smashwords to whom […]

Smashwords: It’s Become a Problem

Until December 2011, I published my books at four main venues: Amazon, BN, CreateSpace, and Smashwords, and I have recommended them all to my friends and fellow indie authors as good business partners. I’ve extolled the virtues of Smashwords’ Style Guide and their customer service, and until recently, my only real complaint with them has […]