The Mistakes of a Night

Have you read She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith? (That’s a link to the free Kindle edition, btw. Go nab it.)

Until this weekend, I hadn’t. I also quite enjoyed this recording of the performance.

Written by Oliver Goldsmith and first performed in 1773, this play is a comedy of manners in which a young gentleman, who is terrified of women of quality, must court one such young lady to please their fathers. A subplot involving an inheritance of jewels, the whimsies of a troublesome step-brother, and more than one case of mistaken identity create a fun tale that depicts both manners tied to the 1770s and enduring themes of love and the quest not only to find it, but to find oneself.

These are the sort of little jewels I love to find: a play that doesn’t take itself so seriously and yet at the same time manages to endure the test of time.

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