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Too Quiet? I’m Still Writing

My blog has been quiet for a while. I’m sorry about that.

My horse Darcy got sick at the beginning of the year, and she was diagnosed with Pars Pituitary Intermedia Disfunction (PPID or Cushing’s Disease). Basically, part of her pituitary gland is malfunctioning, causing her body too much of the hormone cortisol. That means she’s in danger of laminitis (a really painful hoof problem), insulin resistance, and all sorts of other unpleasant things. The condition is incurable, but it is treatable with medication, diet, and exercise. If you are curious about PPID, check this website.

Photo by Cherie Steele Photography
Photo by Cherie Steele Photography

A lot of my extra time has been spent researching PPID, horse feed, medications, and making sure I’m doing the best I can for my Diva.

Despite this big distraction, I’ve been keeping up with my book writing. This month, I’ll be focusing on my modern Austen short story based on Sense and Sensibility.

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