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Favorite Alan Rickman Roles*

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. You will live forever on our screens.

*I haven’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies. I understand he’s great in them.

Die Hard: This was Alan Rickman’s first movie role, and I watched it for the first time this holiday season. Forget Bruce Wills. This has Alan Rickman at his evil best. (Plus he does an American accent. Do we really sound like that to British people? Lord, I hope not.)

Sense and Sensibility: He was Colonel Brandon. Need I say more?

Galaxy Quest: Alan Rickman plays a “serious actor” who has been reduced to attending fan conventions for a cheesy TV show called Galaxy Quest. Then, he goes to space where he meets a group of aliens who believe their TV show was real history. (And now I must watch this movie again.)

King of the Hill: Did you know Alan Rickman did the voice of King Phillip for a Ren Faire episode of King of the Hill? He did his American accent in this one too.

from KOTH wikia
from KOTH wikia

Robin Hood Price of Thieves: As the Sheriff of Nottingham, Rickman is delicious and evil. And funny.


One thought on “Favorite Alan Rickman Roles*

  1. I absolutely loved him as Metatron in Dogma! Of course, the film is on my personal top 100 list. Warning: you do need to have a taste for satire.

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