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Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere


I was not a fan of The Walking Dead’s season 6 cliffhanger that left viewers in suspense about who Negan killed. I wasn’t really looking forward to the season 7 premiere because I felt manipulated. Plus, I’d read the comics. I knew it would bloody. In fact, the episode was so gruesome it had not one, but two warnings of graphic violence. So if you’re squeamish, don’t watch. Read the spoilers.

So here’s the thing. It’s not the deaths that got to me. Yes, they were horrible and sad. But what interests me is who stands up and keeps fighting. I loved that Abraham’s last words to Negan were “Suck my nuts.” He remained a fighter to the end. And I loved that Maggie was the first person to stand up and say she planned to fight.

For me, The Walking Dead is not a show about about those who die; it’s about those who try.

What did you think of the premiere?

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