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Welcome to the Digital Age

Obviously, if you are reading this blog, you are already somewhat techno savvy, and you also probably know that the book industry is heading in a digital direction these days. If you are like me, you are wondering what that means for you.

First, let me get this out of the way: Paperbacks are sticking around. That’s my prediction. So no need to fear.

But the good news is that you will now have a choice between less expensive e-books and the average priced paperback or hardcover. You decide how to spend your money.

But wait.

I hear you out there.

“E-readers aren’t cheap,” you say. “I’m not going to save any money by going the e-book route.”

“Not so,” I reply. “You already have an e-book reader. Maybe two or three!”

OK, enough fake dialogue.

You can download and read e-books on your computer: Mac or PC.

You can read on your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone.

You can read on your iPod Touch or iPad.

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I am adding a link both on my blog and my website to the free apps for converting your existing device into a reader.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have signed up as an Amazon Associate, but because these are free apps, I’m pretty sure that means I’m making el zippo as far as commission.

I just wanted you to know that you can save money on Charlotte Collins–and on any other book purchases–by choosing an e-book, and you don’t have to get a Kindle. Although I may provide a link to that too. (I’m not going to lie. A commission on that would be great. All proceeds are going into the Charlotte Collins advertising fund to help me meet my ultimate goal.)

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Digital Age

  1. Very information post. And congrats on your association with Amazon. Actually, I want a Kindle but will link to it via computer first to try out. Kindle's had some problems I keep hoping they'll fix.

  2. I appreciate this post as I do not currently own an e-reader but one for the laptop may be fun. Heck, we still have a (gasp) "flip phone"… so I can't get apps for my phone. I agree paperbacks will stick around, and not just out of sheer stubborness, but because some of us just really love books. I will enjoy both the digital variety and the real deal that I can hold in my hands and store on my shelf. There need not be a competition between the two versions. When I get an extra dollar or two, I will support your cause because your book interests me. 🙂 Good luck to you!! Keep believing in yourself, Janelle

  3. Thanks for the support. Until I published Charlotte, I was almost completely ignorant of the e-book system. I honestly didn't care that they exist because I'm a pretty hardcore paperback fan. But once I started looking into them, I realized they were more versatile than I originally thought, and I figured I should share my new knowledge with others.

    JW, I have a flip phone too. LOL I just can't see paying the data charges when I have a nice laptop and fiber optic internet connection at home.

    Kittie, I'll have to look into Kindle's problems. My book is so low tech, as in no links or fancy formatting, so it shouldn't overwhelm it. LOL

  4. Hi, Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by and Following! Made my day that you love crawfish and all that good eatin' jazz…I also totally loved how you described LA as a vibe unto itself…the problem with Kindle I've heard grumbles about is the background glare, ie, specifically at the beach. I almost bought a Kindle when we went to Italy this summer, mostly at the beach, but held back, not sure if it would work out. Then I doubted myself because I had to lug all those books over. Anyway, we're returning next year. I will have a Kindle (won't consider other brands), just don't know which Kindle, looking at the one for $189.00 with wifi. Perhaps you could post a paragraph or two about why that wifi would be great (my hpMini has wifi)….sorry this is long, but I'm not a techi person.

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