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Why I Wrote a Book

This is exactly why I decided to go from dreaming of being a writer to actually writing a book. (Grammar Nazis’ heads are spinning after that breach of grammar!)

I wrote Charlotte Collins because I wanted to read a book about her, but no such thing existed. So I wrote it. FYI: You can get the Personages of Pride & Prejudice Collection (Charlotte Collins, Caroline Bingley, and “Maria Lucas”) for only $2.99 . Merry Christmas!

I decided to write Absolute Liability because I wanted to read a crime dramedy, but no such genre existed. There were out-and-out crime comedies, and there were dark, hard-boiled detective stories, but I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted to read Castle or The Mentalist in novel form. So I wrote them myself.

What book do you want to read that you can’t find?

Have you ever thought of writing it yourself?

If not, tell me what it is. Maybe I’ll write it.

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