Writing Fear Free

Writing Fear Free: Dealing with Writer’s Block

I must admit that I do not have a unified theory about writer’s block. I have some loosely formed ideas and a few techniques for writing through difficulties, but this is a work in progress.

I do not really like that writer’s give their difficulties a name.

Don’t let your writer’s block form a wall
that prevents you from accomplishing your goal.

Writer’s block.

That moniker seems to add power and drama to a reality that everyone faces at one time or another in their work or even their hobby. Sometimes the well runs dry, even if we are doing things we love. So how do we work through the times when writing doesn’t come easy?

First, you must ask yourself good questions. Identify the reason you are feeling a bit stuck.

  1. Are you tired? Over-worked?
  2. Are you at a transitional point in your book that isn’t as interesting to write as a major scene?
  3. Are you starting to worry about other people’s opinions of your writing?
  4. Or do you sit down to write and nothing comes out?

Then, you should go about solving the problem.

If 1, the it’s time to reprioritize and decide where you are going to devote your time and energy. You can’t do it all. Writing is not easy, and it takes effort, but it should also be fun. So be sure to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the process by coming to your work with an unencumbered mind.

If 2, skip the boring scene for now. Seriously. You don’t have to go in perfect order when you write. If you aren’t feeling interested in the next logical scene, leave a note to yourself and come back later. [I USE BRACKETS AND ALL CAPS TO REMIND MYSELF WHAT I NEED TO WRITE LATER.]

If 3, this is fear talking, and this is the time to remind yourself that you are writing this first draft for you. It is all about having fun and making a mess and accomplishing a dream. Maybe in time, you will share your writing with others, but not now. The only opinion that matters at this point is yours.  You never have to show it to anyone if you don’t want to.

If 4, write anything, even if it doesn’t pertain in the slightest way to your novel. Write a grocery list or a schedule or some sort of manifesto. Have aliens land in your book for a bit. Heck, add a vampire for a page. Just write something for the pure and disinterested reason of getting the writing juices flowing again. Usually, this sort of writing hiccup happens because we are taking things too seriously. Lighten up and enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Writing Fear Free: Dealing with Writer’s Block

  1. I'm so at #1 right now . . .

    Hey, what do you mean I can't do it all? I can't be in two places at once and add 5 extra hours to each day? Well, why ever not? Isn't there an app on the iPhone for that? No? That stinks, I want a refund!

  2. Oh those Jane Austen variations! I love reindag them. I’ve read Amanda Grange’s version of Mr. Darcy’s Diary and really liked it. I hope you enjoy these!

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