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Writing Process Experiment 2.0

I’m giving my early readers time to work on Shock Loss, so I’ve been researching for my next project: the Halloween installment of the Holidays with Jane short story collections. I’m writing based on Mansfield Park. Here are the other two:

I am using my new writing process/outline plan, and I’m going to try to report back occasionally to talk about how the experiment is going. This could be a huge fail. We shall see.

Today, I began the outline, a process I described here.

I completed a vague outline of the entire story and also sketched out some scenes in part 1.

1,352 words in about 2 hours of work. At this point, I don’t expect high word output because this is the planning phase. I’m pleased so far. I know the direction of the story, and I have a strong beginning.

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