Charlotte Collinsself-publishing

4 months, 2 days, and 1,000 Sales!!!!

And all I can really say is THANK YOU!

I appreciate every single person who purchased and read Charlotte Collins.

No matter what the future holds–whether the book remains as it is or is picked up by a publisher–I am thankful and honored that you invited Charlotte into your bookshelf or Kindle.

So in the meantime, onward to 5,000! Why not?

10 thoughts on “4 months, 2 days, and 1,000 Sales!!!!

  1. Thank you, Meredith. Your support–and that of fellow book bloggers–has been helpful beyond words.

    You are so right. Austen readers are discerning and intelligent. That’s why it’s a scary thing to write! I can’t fool anyone. And I have a crazy high standard to compete with. I mean, who holds a candle to Jane Austen? Not me.

  2. I bought it this weekend and read it two sittings. It would have been one, but I just can’t stay awake after 2am anymore. 🙂

    Just wanted to say that I loved it! So wonderful and I’m already spreading the word to my other Austenite friends. Thanks for having the courage to go for it and sharing your wonderful story with the world!

  3. Witless Exposition, that was your review on Amazon today, right? I have a mini-heart attack every time the number of reviews changes. Thank you so much for your review! I’m really pleased that you liked it.

    Golden Eagle, Thanks!

  4. Jennifer, Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment, but from all that I have been reading about your novel, you deserve it. Did you brag about Meredith at Austenesque Reviews naming your book her favorite of 2010? Onward and upward! Mary

  5. Just finished Charlotte and I loved it, I’m always dubious about sequels but I couldn’t resist as Charlotte Lucas was always a favourite and she truly deserved a happy ending. So thank you for writing a truly lovely novel, I thouroughly enjoyed it

  6. Thank you so much, Lesley. I am so glad you enjoyed Charlotte Collins, and I hope you’ll also like Caroline Bingley! I’ve had so much fun with both characters.

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