NYT Bestseller Eisler Goes Indie

Unless you live under a rock–or just don’t follow the publishing biz–you have heard that Barry Eisler turned down a $500,000 contract with Saint Martin’s Press to self-publish. It sounds insane, but he will make more money self-pubbing his novels than he would by taking that outrageous deal. But more important to me than the […]

Some Thougths on Traditional vs Independent Publishing

I never wanted to self-publish, and I likely never would have if I had not been challenged to do so. As a result, my opinion of self-publishing has become much more favorable, and I’ve posted lots of benefits about this method of publishing. But does that mean I am against traditional publishing? No. I still work […]

Nook Book Update

Thanks to Doug Pardee on the BN Book Club discussion board and Zoe Winters of IndieReader.com, the issue with the PubIt! edition of Charlotte Collins is now officially resolved. As it turns out, my source file was somehow corrupted, either during formatting or in the conversion process. I’m not entirely sure which. But to be […]

Riding the Learning Curve

There is a lot to learn about the business of book publishing, and my experience has proven to be no exception. I started this blog to help others who may be in my position by posting honestly about my successes and my mistakes. So here’s one thing I didn’t do perfectly. When I began this journey […]

Charlotte Collins Goes through the Meatgrinder

As I type this blog entry, Charlotte Collins–the second impression with minor corrections and new hyperlinked table of contents (which I’m told will work only in certain ebook formats)–is going through the Meatgrinder, the affectionate name given to Smashwords’ automated system for ebook file creation and distribution. Once the process is complete, Charlotte will be available as […]