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Nook Book Update

Thanks to Doug Pardee on the BN Book Club discussion board and Zoe Winters of, the issue with the PubIt! edition of Charlotte Collins is now officially resolved.

As it turns out, my source file was somehow corrupted, either during formatting or in the conversion process. I’m not entirely sure which. But to be sure of offering the best possible product, I took the nuclear option and reformatted the whole text. Then, I downloaded a what-you-see-is-what-you-get epub editor to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. Now, not only is the page numbering more accurately represented (212 pages, not 1,000!), but I even improved the formatting of the front matter.

Does the nook version’s page numbering now match the paperback’s? No. It does not, but few ebooks match their paperback counterparts. Epub creates page numbers based on file size. My coding was messed up either during my formatting or during the conversion to PubIt and was displaying a page count 5 times larger than the file size demanded. Now, it is much closer to the actual file size and the paperback page count, but not exact.

I bought the old version. Can I get the improved one? Yes, you can, and you can do it free. I do not own a nook, so I’m not familiar with the process, but the BN Book Club Discussion Board says to re-download the book to your nook by doing this: 

  • Archive the book (either on the nook or online at
  • Check for new B&N content on your nook.
  • Un-archive the book (again either online or on your nook)
  • Check for new B&N content on your nook.

If you need further assistance with this issue, read the last post on this thread or consult the BN board to ask someone to help.

I may be a self-published author, but I will always try to provide a professional book. And when a problem arises, I will also do my best to make it right. I regret that it took me so long to realize that my file was still inaccurate; I thought I had resolved it earlier. But now, it is fixed, and I have learned a great deal about epub.

Thank you to my friend who pointed out the problem and to Doug and Zoe for helping me solve it.

2 thoughts on “Nook Book Update

  1. When will the remaining books be available on Barnes and Noble for Nook ereaders? I read Charlotte Collins on my Nook, re-read Pride and Prejudice and then re-read Charlotte Collins. I enjoyed it as much the second time. I’m looking forward to reading your other books in the Jane Austen series.

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