There Is No Secret

This post was originally written for and posted at Yamina Today. I’m reposting it here in the hopes that it might help you in your self-publishing journey. What is the secret to self-publishing success? How did writers like Amanda Hocking and John Locke come from nowhere and become USA Today and/or New York Times best-selling […]

The Secret to Self-Pubbing Success

I’m blogging at Yamina Today about the secrets to self-publishing success. Please swing by and say hi! Ps. Spoiler alert: there is no secret.

Risking Your Money

A recurring theme of this blog has been risk-taking because, well, writing and self-publishing a book is a big risk. When you put a book on the market, you put your very self in danger. You are opening yourself to public critique and criticism the likes of which most professions never see. But wait! As […]

Absolute Liability around the Web

Absolute Liability has been available on ebook for 8 days. Watching a young book toddle on its own into the world is both exciting and scary, and my feelings have alternated between pride and horror. As I’ve said before, it isn’t every occupation that allows literally anyone in the world to review the work done […]

Caroline Bingley: the Cover

Here is the front cover of Caroline Bingley! Artist: Hamilton Hamilton (Odd name.) Title: Woman with Fan Year: 1900 This is another wonderful work in the public domain. I created the cover using my ancient–but still excellent–Paint Shop Pro program. And yes, I am branding all my Jane Austen sequel covers. More on that later. […]