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Absolute Liability around the Web

Absolute Liability has been available on ebook for 8 days. Watching a young book toddle on its own into the world is both exciting and scary, and my feelings have alternated between pride and horror. As I’ve said before, it isn’t every occupation that allows literally anyone in the world to review the work done in that field in a public forum, so I’m always anxious at the responses of readers.

So far, I’m pleased to report that the response to Absolute Liability has been quite positive! Yay! Visit this page to read excerpts and to link to the full review.

Nancy Kelley at Austen Aspirations featured me and my genre-hopping tendencies in her post about Writing Cross-Genre. She asks whether or not it was a wise decision to try a new genre so soon in my career. I can only hope it was wise! But I’ll tell you something for certain: it sure is fun! I loved writing Absolute Liability. It was a new challenge, and I really hope that this light, fun read will make people smile.

Also Jessica Melendez has very kindly offered to giveaway 5 free copies of Absolute Liability on ebook on her blog. Go here to enter!

The paperback edition of the book is in process. I made the dubious decision to use images as chapter heads and section breaks. This turned out to be a bit more complicated than I had hoped (I’ll be blogging about that soon), but I’m glad I took the time and trouble to learn. I want readers to know that I take my business seriously and plan to give them as much value for their money as possible, and that means going above and beyond with design. The proof should be on my doorstep soon, and then the paperback will be live on Amazon, and as soon as I get the kinks out, it will go into expanded distribution and be available at BN and Books-a-Million, etc. You can now pre-order paperbacks here.

My accidental distribution of “Cancellation Notice” to BN has turned out to be a good thing. It is apparently being downloaded and read in large numbers, which is exciting. I am planning to redo the cover and make it available elsewhere too.

And don’t forget my Ride 2 Recovery drive. Please visit the Southern Fraud Thriller website for details.

And the $.99 sale on Charlotte Collins ends next week, so hurry and buy now!

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