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On Cliffhangers: The Walking Dead



Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended on a cliffhanger.

The Biggest Bad’s arrival had been teased for the second half of the season, and finally, in the last segment, Negan arrives after a dramatic buildup of tension. Then, he kills someone with a barbed-wire-wrapped bat.

But who?

Fade to black.

schrodingers bat
Ignore the spelling errors. I have no idea who made this.

Look, it was a nice cliffhanger. Not that I’m a fan of cliffhangers. But we’re talking about a TV season finale, and that sort of nonsense is to be expected.

What peeved me was the writers’ explanation for it on The Talking Dead:

I would have preferred him to skip the BS literary excuse: “The cliffhanger isn’t the story…. The story of who died…is the story for season 7.” Sorry, dude. The story for season 7 is how the survivors carry on after this character’s death and with the complications of Psychopath Negan. That excuse would only be true if we spent all of season 7 trying to figure out who died. Or even who killed him or her.

I expect a lot out of The Walking Dead’s writers. They are very good and obviously put a lot of thought and detail into their plots and characterizations. It’s fine if they wanted a cliffhanger, but don’t give me that BS literary excuse.

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