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Death Benefits: The Final Stages

"Occupy Vincent" by @PattyMarq, my Twitter pal

Death Benefits is in its final stages, and I’m very excited to share it with everyone.

I still don’t have a definite release date, but I promise not to dally. Here’s what’s left to do:

  • Punch list of final checks.
  • Hack my way into the copyright website and apply. (For some reason, I always have trouble with that site.)
  • Create ebook ARCs.
  • Final cold reads, thanks to my 3 cold readers.
  • My last read. Actually I listen to it. I can’t find errors anymore if I read.
  • Finalize interior art.
  • Format ebook.

At that point, the ebook will go on sale.

Did I mention I’m excited? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Death Benefits: The Final Stages

  1. And I’m just as excited about Awake!


    Will that get me arrested? He’s 18 right? (And a fictional character.)

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