Friday Five: Top Netflix Bingewatches

1. The Office

True confession: I have watched The Office at least a dozen times. Probably more. Every time through the series, I am struck by how the writers make me root for even the least likable characters on the show. Michael can be at his most childish at one moment and then do something genuinely caring and kind the next. Sometimes I want to smack him, but I always want him to succeed. #thatswhatshesaid

2. Stranger Things

The X-Files meets The Goonies: what’s not to like? But seriously, the writing on this show is tight. The characters are interesting. And there are demogorgons.

3. Longmire

This is my most recent binge. Longmire is a modern western mystery series. The cast features some great actors: Lou Diamond Philips, Katee Sackhoff, A Martinez, and Peter Weller. The Indian characters are my favorite, especially Jacob Nighthorse. #charactercrush

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is totally my kind of humor, and the story line focuses on overcoming hardships, which is my favorite theme of all time.

5. Fuller House

I grew up watching D. J. Tanner on Full House, so I had to watch D. J. Fuller on Fuller House. All the great characters come back at one time or another. Plus, seeing Candace Cameron Buré doing one-leg push-ups made me decide to work on my own upper body strength. Yes, it’s cheesy. But sometimes, you need to watch the cheese.

What are your Netflix favorites? What should I watch next?

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Top Netflix Bingewatches

  1. I love Jessica Jones. I was devastated when I watched Season 1 in 2016, and had to wait w-a-y over a year for Season 2. Season 1 is better than 2, but 2 does a lot of character developing and explaining how some enhanced people come to be. Some nudity and LOTS of violence. And in Season 1 David Tennant is at his creepy best.

    Magical egos collide! Dr. Norell and Mr. Strange is great if you need a Regency fix. Restoring magic to England is a dirty and deceptive business and the war with Napoleon doesn’t make matters any easier. The costuming is superb and the special effects are great.

    The Frankenstein Chronicles is good. Both the above and Chronicles casts Samuel West as a baddy so there’s an Austen connection. Frankenstein is very bloody, but but is great for showing the horrifically seedy side of London and the inner workings of policing in 1827-8. Again, Season 1 is better than Season 2.

    1. Adding all suggested titles right now! I watch The Walking Dead, so I’ve become accustomed to gore and violence.

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