How to Crochet a Cunning Jayne Cobb Hat


Halloween gives children and adults the chance to put on a costume and play with another persona for a few hours. (Plus, candy!) I wear a costume to open the door and give out candy to the kiddos in my neighborhood. A few years back, I dressed as a brunette Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This year, I’ll be answering the door as Jayne Cobb, the Hero of Canton from the TV show Firefly.

jayne_cobb_full_bodyTo rock this cunning look, you’ll need:

  1. Blue Sun t-shirt
  2. Cargo Pants
  3. Military boots
  4. Thigh holster
  5. Knife holster for Binkie
  6. Oversized firearm called Vera
  7. A Cunning Hat

Jayne’s hat was hand knit by his mother, but I crocheted my Jayne hat. Below, I’ll give you all the resources I used to create this awesomeness.

Cunning Hat


  • Basic earflap hat crochet pattern. I modified this free pattern from
  • Yellow, orange, and red worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Gold, Carrot, and Burgundy.
  • I hook
  • Paper towel tube to make pom-pom
  • scrap of yarn for stitch marker

Cunning Hat Materials

Pattern Notes

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    1. I’m sorry about that. I just eyeballed it and added the colors where I thought they’d look best. I hope you can find another pattern with more thorough directions.

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