News and Gnus

I just love words that sound alike. Homophones, right?

Well, here is the news from self-publishing land:

  • The new proof of Charlotte Collins arrived today, and it was correctly cropped! Yay! It looks fabulous, even if I do say so myself.
  • I am almost done with my final proofread of the book. So far, I have found nothing catastrophic. Double yay!
  • I have my website and this blog (see right margin) set up to accept pre-orders of Charlotte Collins. Orders will be shipped on the book’s release date: September 1.
  • And I have actually received orders!

I can’t describe how humbling and terrifying and exciting and amazing it is to know that someone actually paid money to read something I wrote. And I am just thrilled to have the chance to write and edit for a living. I am truly living my dream.

So thank you all for your help and support, and I hope you enjoy reading Charlotte Collins as much as I enjoyed writing and marketing it.

And now the gnus:

Gnus, or wildebeest. Photo from printable sheet on

 PS. Don’t ask me why the gnus puns. I guess I’m just in a weird mood.

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  1. What an interesting blog you have. I look forward to learning more about what you're doing. Clearly I could learn a lot from you on marketing!

  2. Thanks, Karen, but I don't know if I am qualified to teach anything about marketing. Although I will say that I am really enjoying that aspect of book publishing. It is fun to connect with new people, and I'm even having fun on Twitter. Are you on Twitter? I have found that to be a big help.

  3. I'm so glad that you commented on my tweet and that I have found your blog! Your book sounds so good, I really hope I can have an extra couple dollars before the release date so I can order a copy

  4. Thanks for posting, Casey. I was amazed at your fiber work. I'm a total amateur with knitting and am learning to crochet. As if I have time!

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