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Opera, Venice, and Mystery

Meet Beverle Graves Myers. Beverle is a wonderful friend, who happens to be a relative on my husband’s side of the family, and she has been kind enough to serve as one of my writing mentors over the past few years. She has played the role of the story editor on Charlotte Collins, Caroline Bingley, and Absolute Liability (even though it was not her preferred subgenre). And she is the best! Beverle does not offer her services as an editor to the general public, so I feel very fortunate every time she agrees to read my work.

Beverle is a published author of five historical mystery novels in the Tito Amato Series, which is set in the operatic world of Venice. Her short stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Woman’s World, and numerous anthologies. She has earned nominations for the Macavity Award, Kentucky Literary Award, and Derringer Award. Now, you all know how much I love to focus on the least obvious characters as heroes, so it shouldn’t surprise you that my writing mentor’s hero is also unusual; he is a castrato soprano.

Here is a list of her Tito Amato books, which are published by Poisoned Pen Press, in order:

Interrupted Aria (Tito Amato Mysteries)

Painted Veil (The Baroque Mysteries)

Cruel Music (The Baroque Mysteries)

The Iron Tongue of Midnight

Her Deadly Mischief (Tito Amato Mysteries)

Everyone please check out Beverle’s books.

Beverle, thank you for all your hard work on Caroline Bingley. I really appreciate it!

One thought on “Opera, Venice, and Mystery

  1. Aw, Jennifer, I’m blushing. Actually, your novels have been a breeze to edit because you have a dab hand at plot and tend to put all your commas and apostrophes just where they should be. You must have had a crackerjack English teacher along the way.

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