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Post-Thanksgiving Update

I’m racing against the clock to finish Death Benefits.

Lots of things are going on in the background here at Whiteley Press HQ.

First and foremost, I am still hard at work on Death Benefits. I always want to put out the best books I possibly can, and to that end, I’ve been stalled out a bit as I tried to figure out how to improve some of the structural aspects of the novel. I’ve been moving scenes, and today, I think I finally figured out the puzzle.

Unfortunately, this extensive rewrite has taken longer than I’d hoped, but my desire not to disappoint my readers trumps my desire to be perfectly on time. I hope you all understand. There’s still hope though.

We shall see. I’ll keep you updated.

I also have plans to release a paperback version of the entire Personages of Pride and Prejudice collection soon. That will be the only place you can purchase “Maria Lucas” in hard copy.

Starting soon, I’ll be offering some paperback deals here on the website, so if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, please consider checking out the bookshop and other merchandise. (Pssst…some of this merch may just be part of the Death Benefits launch celebration….)

4 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving Update

  1. I’m excited for you, and I want to encourage you. I think your puzzle metaphor is spot on. Writing is so hard. You can get the story out, but then it takes a lot of work to smooth out all the wrinkles or, as you say, put the puzzle together so that it at least resembles the picture on the box that you want to convey. Keep on keeping on. Good things are well worth waiting for.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. One more day has passed, and I’m getting more confident in the solution to the puzzle. I’m hoping that it will turn out even better than Absolute Liability. 🙂 I hope!

  2. The puzzle analogy is great!

    Fingers crossed, hope you get it all worked out. And of course your adoring public is willing to wait a bit longer for the best story 🙂

    I’m currently in a similar, but much earlier in the writing process, stage of AE. Sigh.

    1. It’s great that you got to the puzzle stage so early in the process! You’ll get it over with sooner and enjoy the final path to publication at a leisurely pace. I’m going to enjoy it at a crazy pace!

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