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Surprises in Writing

So this is proof that Kevin Manus-Pennings, author of the excellent fantasy novel A Shore Too Far (Daughters of Damendine), knows me too well. (BTW, A Shore Too Far is only $.99 at the moment, so go buy it now!)

How much do I love this video? Let me count the ways. First of all, it begins all artsy. The photography is lovely, and I wouldn’t mind if my hair looked like that. Nice song too. And then wham! Surprise!

And then there’s a complete shift in attitude, which I totally dig.

I adore discovering videos, books, TV shows, or movies that lead the viewer or reader in one direction and then divert them from the expected outcome, but in an understandable, logical way. (I hate movies that pull surprise endings completely out of nowhere.) If you know of any books or whatnot that use this technique successfully, send them on.


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  1. It’s not a book, but did you get a chance to see ‘Cabin in the Woods’ yet? Jose Whedon is the king of the emotional visual twist!

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