Caroline Bingley Is Coming to Audiobook!

In 3-4 weeks, Caroline Bingley: A Continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will become available on audiobook narrated by Anne Day-Jones, who does a fantastic job again. Her accents brought Caroline’s northern relatives to life, and I really loved hear Caroline’s conversation with Elizabeth Bennet. I hope you enjoy it! In the meantime, start […]

What Austen Did Best

Kevin’s blog post below about J. R. R. Tolkien referred to what he did better than anyone else: world building. He created a land that felt large and ancient and alive. This artistic skill, along with many others, has made Tolkien’s work endure and flourish. And it caused me to ponder the same question about […]

Which Minor Pride & Prejudice Character Are You?

For me, one of the most striking features of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was her use of vivid, interesting secondary characters. While I loved reading about the romance between Lizzie and Darcy and between Jane and Bingley, I was equally fascinated by the characters around them. What happened to Charlotte Lucas? Did she stay […]

Jane Austen Experience: Ladies & Gentlemen Behaving Badly

Did Jane Austen write evil characters? While working on Caroline Bingley, I’ve asked myself this repeatedly, and I’ve already opined about Caroline’s nature here. In many sequels, Caroline seems to be characterized as evil, but was this what Jane Austen intended? Did she intend any of her antagonists to be villains? She didn’t write ax […]