Which Minor Pride & Prejudice Character Are You?

For me, one of the most striking features of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was her use of vivid, interesting secondary characters. While I loved reading about the romance between Lizzie and Darcy and between Jane and Bingley, I was equally fascinated by the characters around them.

What happened to Charlotte Lucas? Did she stay married to the odious Mr. Collins? And why was Caroline Bingley such a nasty piece of work? Did she ever learn from her mistakes and take a better path? I wanted to know what became of the minor characters that Austen created.

But now I want to know, which minor Pride and Prejudice character do you most resemble?

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27 thoughts on “Which Minor Pride & Prejudice Character Are You?

  1. I got Charlotte. Did I mention that I do not want to marry Mr. Collins? Yech!

    Which Minor Pride & Prejudice Character Are You?
    Charlotte Lucas Collins

    Charlotte is a practical, sensible creature, who believes that love in marriage is a matter of chance. At twenty seven years old, she fears becoming a burden to her family and therefore agrees to marry the odious Mr Collins in order to gain financial security. As Elizabeth's best friend, she is also witty and smart. (adapted from Wikipedia)

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  2. Hmm, I got Mary Bennet. I suppose I do tend to stay in the background. And I do like to read… I would like to think I’m more sociable though.

  3. Heather M, Caroline isn’t so bad! No, she’s not very kind to Lizzie in P&P, but she was a strong, opinionated, spunky woman who was willing to fight for what she wanted in the best way she knew how at the time. The main reason for hating her was that she happened to want what we wanted for Lizzie. And she was not very nice to her. But I still think Caro was redeemable!

  4. I got Caro. I knew that would happen as I read the questions… I am strong and opinionated. I hope I have more good grace than she does, but then again I’m also not old enough to be on the shelf.

    Well, this is one more reason to look forward to your book, Jennifer.

  5. I got Charlotte. While I am beyond the age of being on the shelf at that time, I am much more a romantic and would never marry someone I didn’t love, especially a Mr Collins – blech!

    Thanks Jennifer, this was fun.

  6. I am Charlotte Lucas …NOT Collins…. I would not have married that odious man, even if it meant that I had my own house! This was fun. Still looking forward to reading Caroline’s story! 😉

  7. Which Minor Pride & Prejudice Character Are You? Mary Bennet As the only plain Bennet sister, Mary is always eager for attention and often tries too hard to display her talents. But rather than joining in some of the family activities, she reads. She has neither genius nor taste, but she works hard for knowledge and accomplishment. Mary's greatest dream is to be viewed as wise, and though she has accumulated a vast store of knowledge, she does not know how to use it properly. A bit of social interaction will help teach Mary the ways of society and help her find her place in it. (adapted from Wikipedia) Facebook quizzes, quiz apps & blog quizzes by

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