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Thank You for a Great Launch

To everyone who participated in the launch of Absolute Liability by buying a copy, leaving a review, retweeting me, or even just putting up with my generally obnoxious joy this weekend, thank you.

You all helped take Absolute Liability places I only dreamed of! At one point, for a brief shining moment, it made #430 on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller’s list, which means it fell into the 99.995ish percentile. Isn’t that insane? It has also stayed steady on the Women Sleuths bestseller list, and I’ve enjoyed those moments when it was outselling one of James Patterson’s or Janet Evanovich’s. Never mind that they had about a zillion other books that were outselling mine at the time!

My only disappointment is that I will be unable to give as much as I’d hoped to Ride 2 Recovery. I have posted the receipt so you can see that I fulfilled my promise.

For those of you who are curious, during my 2-week promotional period, Absolute Liability sold 602 copies. For reference, it took Charlotte Collins 3.5 months to hit that achievement.

My venture into book publishing and selling has been a lifelong dream and I am grateful to every single person who has helped it come true. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Thank You for a Great Launch

  1. That’s a great run for your newest book. I’m liking this new (to me) bunch of characters. don’t say anything, but it’s kind of nice not to be reading Austen-related things now and then.


  2. I love how we all read Absolute Liability on our Austen break. I thought I was the only one!

    Jennifer, I’m thrilled to have played even a small part in your launch, but no amount of publicizing by us would have done a lick of good if you hadn’t written an excellent book. Product comes first, and yours was stellar. So thank YOU for giving me a new favorite mystery series.

  3. Thank you for buying and reviewing, Nancy! Having a few honest reviews on Amazon helped encourage people to take a chance on me. I’m looking forward to writing book two, which I think will involve a large car fire, cement, and a dead body. I hope everyone likes it as well as AL.

    But first, I have to finish Caroline.

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