Writing Fear Free

Tpyos Suck!

See What I Did in the Title? I Made a Typo.

The reason typos get through isn’t because we’re stupid or careless, it’s because what we’re doing is actually very smart, explains psychologist Tom Stafford, who studies typos of the University of Sheffield in the UK. “When you’re writing, you’re trying to convey meaning. It’s a very high level task,” he said.

As with all high level tasks, your brain generalizes simple, component parts (like turning letters into words and words into sentences) so it can focus on more complex tasks (like combining sentences into complex ideas).

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First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate that there’s a scientist who focuses on the study of typos.

Second, give yourself a break when you find a typo in an email or manuscript. It’s a sign that you’re normal.

Third, you cannot see your own typos. You need an editor, even though they suck too.