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Virtual Author Tour

First stop on the

Virtual Author Tour: Italy
As a new author, I don’t quite have the budget to go on an international book tour, but with the Internet, I can go on a Virtual Author Tour. Today was the first stop on my tour, and my exclusive interview with Maria Grazia, who runs the blog, will be posted there today along with an international giveaway of Charlotte Collins. I’ll also be guest blogging with her.
Imagine me here.
That’s what I’m doing.

What amazes me most, aside from the fact that my book-publishing dream is actually coming true, is how many people I’ve met in the process. Maria Grazia is a teacher and blogger who lives in Italy and speaks English wonderfully, thank God, because I know no Italian. French, yes. Tad of German. No Italian. I’ve also made sales to Germany and Australia.

Jane Austen is truly a universal writer. She crosses borders and defies languages. Her messages, humor, and characters transcend boundaries. I love that. I am honored to be able to share a little in her world and meet such interesting, intelligent people. Now, if I could have a physical book tour, I could meet them all in person.

Anyone want to chip in? *grin*


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