Top Five Favorite Christmas Movies

hristmas Vacation: This tops the list for a reason. It’s the first Christmas movie my husband and I watch every year. Elf: Buddy the Elf has all the childlike Christmas joy I strive for over the holiday season. He looks better in the elf costume than I do though. White Christmas: When I was a […]

Random Thoughts: On Glenn Rhee

Sometimes I wonder whether being a writer can make an impact on people. While I love providing entertainment and distraction from the problems of real life, I hope to make a positive impact on people in other ways. I want my characters to touch something deeper. But sometimes, I wonder if I’m the only person […]

Best Halloween Books, Movies, and TV

Before we get started, I should let you all know that I don’t generally love the horror genre. I don’t see many traditional horror movies (Jason, Freddy, etc.) or read Stephen King, so don’t expect to see much of that here. I like my Halloween entertainment to include suspense, humor, and just a little horror. […]

Julia and Vincent on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries?

So I saw this post come through my Facebook feed, and I just had to mention it on my blog. I am a huge TV geek, and though books originally inspired me to become a writer, TV crime dramedies have had a heavy influence on the Southern Fraud Thriller Series. In fact, I think of […]

FWAP Bromances: Dwight and Michael

Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott, The Office In case you didn’t know, a bromance is a close, non-sexual friendship between two men. Basically, it’s the equivalent of “besties” but butched up, sort of. Dwight and Michael’s bromance starts out totally one-sided. Dwight is a constant brownnoser who will do almost anything for Michael, but Michael […]