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Copyright Quiz

Don't let someone walk away with your work!

Many misconceptions exist about copyright. Take this quiz, and see how informed you are about this US government service that offers protection for writers throughout our country.

True or False?

  1. Your book is not protected unless you have a copyright.
  2. Mailing yourself a copy of your manuscript will provide the same protection as applying for a copyright.
  3. You cannot publish your manuscript until you have your copyright certificate in hand.

They’re all false.

  1. Your work is protected the moment you write it. A copyright makes it easier to bring a lawsuit against someone who uses your material illegally.
  2. The poor man’s copyright is a total myth. It offers no more protection than doing nothing at all.
  3. You don’t have to wait to have the certificate. You can publish immediately. You can even publish without a copyright at all.

All information taken from the US Copyright office website.

3 thoughts on “Copyright Quiz

    1. You can apply online for a fee of $35. It’s easy as long as the website is working correctly. There were a few hours yesterday when it wasn’t doing anything.

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