Cliches and Limitations

Whenever a couple gets together in a book or on TV, there’s always a contingent that yells, “Cliche!” Why do police officer partners end up getting together all the time? It’s so cliche. Why do the main characters have to form a couple? Ugh, it’s so cliche. Frankly, I approve of the inclusion of romantic […]

Speaking of Romance: The Mentalist

The Mentalist is one of my favorite TV shows, which is odd because I generally do not like Trickster characters. And Jane is a Trickster to his core. I chalk my interest up to Simon Baker’s acting and the mostly excellent writing on the show. I’ve always believed that The Mentalist was about more than […]

Dramedy: Apparently, It’s a Word

I already adopted the word “ginormous,” so why not add “dramedy” to my vocabulary too? defines it as a “a television program or series using both serious and comic subjects, usually without relying on conventional plots, laugh tracks, etc.” Webster says, “a comedy (as a film or television show) having dramatic moments.” First used […]