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The Unsellable Sells 5K

As of sometime this weekend, Charlotte Collins, that unsellable book, sold its 5,000th copy. This number of sales took slightly more than 1 year. And I am thrilled and thankful for all the Austen fans who were willing to try a different sort of sequel.

And believe it or not, I am even more thankful for the publisher who rejected the manuscript. If that publisher had been willing to take a chance on Charlotte, I might never have been willing to try self-publishing. I might have become locked into a mindset that would never have allowed me to take the risk of doing things my own way, of writing the books I wanted to read and hoped others would want to read as well. So thank you, publisher.

If I hadn’t been rejected, I never would have gotten Absolute Liability out of the drawer and rewritten it for publication. It would have never landed in the Amazon Kindle Top 100 or on the Indie Reader Best Seller’s list.

So thank you, readers (I have readers!), for trying my books, and thank you, publisher, for rejecting me and thereby giving me the chance to live my dream and earn a living.

15 thoughts on “The Unsellable Sells 5K

  1. I am so thankful the publisher turned you down! As you know I love your work, esp. your Southern Fraud Series! I feel a little like Mr. Collins in that I keep praising you, and telling you all the things I like. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record or that I become “that annoying fan.” 😉

  2. Well done! Congratulations and again, we all do thank that silly publisher! They will need to think outside of the box. Are you going to send the publisher a little thank you note with your stats?

    1. I actually did thank my contact at the publishing house. LOL And she asked me to send her updates. Maybe it’s time for another one. #spikesfootball

    1. Very soon. Very soon. Caroline will make her entry into the world. I’ll be posting the first chapter again even sooner.

      I’m ready for His Good Opinion in November.

  3. Fabulous news! I’m so thrilled for you and your successes. You have worked hard, and whatever bit of “luck” went into making this happen for you, we’re all grateful for it.

  4. Actually buying lovely little Charlotte is what sent me your direction in the first place. I was looking for Austen novels on lesser characters. LOVE that you did Charlotte and Maria and (as I keep telling you LOL) really looking forward to Caroline. Congrats on your 5k and MANY MANY more. That publisher is not sitting in the readers chair, obviously. =D

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